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 WP8 -Exploitation and dissemination

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 12/2005 End date 08/2008 
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 RTD/Innovation activities
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Description of work
: Managing relationship with industrial advisory team
Regular summaries of the project’s progress and results will be distributed to the industrial advisory
team (IAT), which includes both providers and users of ontologies and ontology related technologies.
As well as keeping the consortium informed about current practice and requirements, the IAT will be a
useful source of test problems, case studies and additional exploitation pathways. IAT workshops will
be organised in month 7 and month 30 of the project, the first to get feedback and advice on the project
planning and preliminary exploitation plan, the second to help evaluate the results of the project and
assess their market potential.
TASK 2: Dissemination activities
Dissemination activities will include: the establishment and maintenance of a web site that makes
available information about and results of the project, including deliverables and publications; participation
in relevant Networks of Excellence such as Knowledge Web (http://knowledgeweb.
semanticweb.org/) and REWERSE (http://rewerse.net/), and cooperation with relevant
national and international research projects; distribution of software via the project web site; presentations
at relevant national and international meetings; and publications in leading conferences and journals.
TASK 3: Development and realisation of exploitation plan
Based on results of the IAT workshop, a plan for exploitation of the project results will be developed.
Exploitation will involve academic and research-oriented activities within the consortium and in the
scientific community, and will benefit from the privileged relationship with members of the industrial
advisory team and other R&D-oriented companies with whom the the project members are in contact.
TASK 4: Diffusion of project results in the academic and industrial world and final report
The main, though preliminary, results and potential applications of TONES technologies will be presented
at a public workshop for both academic and industrial participants. To stimulate higher participation, we
will aim to organise the workshop in conjunction with an appropriate established international conference/
workshop. The main results of th project will then be summarized in a final report.
D2 (12/2005) – TONES web site (Web site)
The web site will by established by month 4 and will be under continuous development. It will include a
brief project presentation written in a style which is accessible to the non-specialist.
D4 (03/2006) – First industrial advisory team workshop (Workshop)
First workshop for members of the industrial advisory team.
D12 (11/2006) – Dissemination and exploitation plan (Report)
The exploitation plan will first be released at month 15 and will be subject to ongoing development.
D17 (04/2007) – TONES workshop (Workshop)
A workshop, aimed at both industrial and academic participants, at which the so far obtained research
results will be presented, and useful feedback about their potential application will be collected. This
will allow to adjust and focus the activities for the final phase of the project.
D26 (02/2008) – Second industrial advisory team workshop (Workshop)
Second workshop for members of the industrial advisory team.
D29 (08/2008) – Final report on results and applications of the project (Report)
A report summarising the main results and potential applications of the project.
Milestones and expected results
M3 (11/2006) – Agreement on preliminary dissemination and exploitation plan
The expected result of this workpackage is the realization of activities for dissemination and exploitation
of project results.

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