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WP1 - Assessment of fundamental ontology based tasks

Workpackage number1 Start date or starting event 09/2005 End date 06/2006
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RTD/Innovation activities
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6 3 3 3 3
Description of work
TASK 1: Analysis of existing approaches
In order to get a comprehensive overview of existing approaches to ontology design, integration, access,
and, interoperation, existing solutions and their characteristics will be reviewed. The review will not be
limited to semantically well-founded approaches that rely on a logical formalization of ontologies, but
will also cover different alternatives. The survey will cover techniques and tools for handling both single
and multiple ontologies, both during design and integration, and when ontologies are in operation.
TASK 2: Establishment of ontology based tasks
Based on the review of the state of the art, suitable reasoning and meta-reasoning tasks associated to the
processing of ontologies will be identified. The tasks will be classified according to their applicability in
the various contexts in which ontologies are dealt with. This process will start from and elaborate on the
results in the state of the art review, making them applicable in the setting of the project.
TASK 3: Assessment and validation of ontology based tasks
The set of ontology based tasks lays the basis for the whole project. The central role of these tasks makes
it necessary to assess and validate their suitability in an early stage. For this purpose the selected tasks
will be tested on small examples that are chosen so that the results of their application can easily be
matched with the expected outcome. Based on the results of these tests, and on the inputs of the first
industrial advisory team workshop (cf. WP8), the set of ontology based tasks will be updated.
D1 (12/2005) ? State of the art survey (Report)
The report will give a comprehensive overview of existing techniques and tools criteria used for design,
integration, access, and interoperation of ontologies.
D3 (02/2006) ? Draft ontology task handbook (Report)
The draft version of the ontology task handbook will contain a proposal for ontology based tasks and the
associated reasoning and meta-reasoning services, to be used in the project.
D7 (06/2006) ? Revised ontology task handbook (Report)
The report will contain an updated version of the ontology based tasks in the light of their assessment
and validation during the industrial advisory team workshop.
Milestones and expected results
M1 (06/2006) ? Agreement on fundamental ontology based tasks
As the ontology tasks handbook will serve as a basis for the work in the whole project, an agreement on
the set of ontology based tasks has be reached among the participants. The agreement on such a set is an
important milestone of the project.

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