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How to edit the KRDB publications database

Log in at with your university credentials.
If this is the first time ever you use the KRDB bibliographic system, please fill in your personal account details in the system, and send an email to , so that you will get the write permissions (if you don't have them already).
Then, import to the online bibliographic system a BibTeX file with all the missing publications from the list which is already online. The standard for the BibTeX cite key is as in:

with at most two authors, the 2-digits year, and a unique lowercase letter.
Each publication in your BibTeX list must also have an additional field:
Bibsection = {...}
which should have exactly one of the following values:
CONF       (for conference),
BCPT       (for book chapter),
JRN        (for journal),
EBK        (for edited book),
ICONF      (for Italian conference or journal).
Please double check also that all the publications already in the system are correct and present.
While importing, pay attention to the author merge proposed by the system; try to choose always the author with the more complete name.
At the end of the import, check the complete author list, and check whether there is any author duplicate; if there are duplicate authors, please merge them.
If you add by mistake a duplicate publication, you have to delete by hand the duplicate entry. Please double check all your publications after the import and look for duplicates.
If you can't login, try to clean the browser's cache and to re-login.
If there is any problem, please let know.

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