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MuSiL: Multilingual Search in the Library of the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

MuSiL aims to provide multilingual access to the library catalogues by means of advanced Language Technologies.

By giving a search term in a language of his/her choice the user is able to search the library catalogues and find relevant documents written or catalogued in any language. Currently, the system deals with English, Italian and German. Before translating the search terms MuSiL identifies “proper names” and “multiwords”, so to fine tune the translation task.

The system behind the user friendly interface is DocDigger. It combines linguistic knowledge, like stemming, grammars, dictionaries and thesauri, with statistical methods for data mining to improve precision and recall of the search. Moreover, it performs a free text search looking for the words entered by the user in the titles, table of contents and abstracts of the archived documents.

Its application to the Library Catalogue helps finding solutions to the challenges launched by the new way of conceiving libraries, namely as Digital Libraries. The development of these Libraries of the future needs the cooperation of librarians, computational linguists, computer scientists, information managers, publishers, and editors.

Library of the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano and carried out by the Library in collaboration with the KRDB - Faculty of Computer Science of FUB and CELI.

MuSiL is on line and can be used from any location. So go and try it.

MuSiL is now part of a two year European project, CACAO (Cross-language Access to Catalogues And On-line liibraries) of the eContentplus program.

If you want to know more, the people involved in the project can provide you with more details.





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