[TIME 2009]

16th International Symposium on
Temporal Representation and Reasoning (TIME-2009)

Brixen-Bressanone (near Bozen-Bolzano), Italy
23-25 July 2009

TIME 2009 -- Accepted Papers

  • Olaf Beyersdorff, Arne Meier, Martin Mundhenk, Thomas Schneider, Michael Thomas and Heribert Vollmer. Model Checking CTL is Almost Always Inherently Sequential

  • André Trudel. Interval Algebra Networks with Infinite Intervals

  • Daniele Riboni, Linda Pareschi, Claudio Bettini and Sushil Jajodia. Preserving Anonymity of Recurrent Location-based Queries

  • Ivo Düntsch and Michael Winter. Timed Contact Algebras

  • Luke Hunsberger. Fixing the Semantics for Dynamic Controllability and Providing a More Practical Characterization of Dynamic Execution Strategies

  • Carlo Zaniolo. Event-Oriented Data Models and Query Languages in Transaction-Time Databases

  • Véronique Bruyère, Alexandre Decan and Jef Wijsen. On First-Order Query Rewriting for Incomplete Database Histories

  • Michel Ludwig and Ullrich Hustadt. Resolution-Based Model Construction for PLTL

  • Davide Bresolin, Dario Della Monica, Valentin Goranko, Angelo Montanari and Guido Sciavicco. On the Undecidability of Interval Temporal Logics with the Overlap Modality

  • Catalin Dima. Positive and negative results on the decidability of the model-checking problem for an epistemic extension of Timed CTL

  • John McCabe-Dansted, Tim French, Mark Reynolds and Sophie Pinchinat. On the Expressivity of RoCTL*

  • Roger Villemaire and Sylvain Hallé. Strong Temporal, Weak Spatial Logic for Rule Based Filters

  • Szabolcs Mikulas, Tim French and Mark Reynolds. Axiomatizations for Temporal Epistemic Logic with Perfect Recall over Linear Time

  • Tommaso Caselli, Felice Dell'Oreletta and Irina Prodanof. Temporal Relations with Signals: the case of Italian Temporal Prepositions

  • Silvana Badaloni and Marco Falda. Classical and Fuzzy Conceptual Neighborhood Relations of the Temporal Qualitative Algebra

  • Carlo Combi and Sara Degani. Building Logical Specifications of Temporal Granularities through Algebraic Operators

  • Yasmina Abdeddaim, Eugene Asarin and Mihaela Sighireanu. Simple Algorithm for Simple Timed Games

  • Organised by

    KRDB Research Centre at the Faculty of Computer Science of the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano.