Temporal and Spatial Databases (TSDB)

Academic Year:2014/15, 2nd semester
Lecturer:Anton Dignös
Lectures:TUE 10:30-12:30, Room (refer timetable)
Labs:TUE 14:00-16:00, Room (refer timetable)
Office hours:TUE 16:00-17:00 or email arrangement

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Objectives: Understanding of the basics of temporal and spatial database systems.

Prerequisites: Students should be familiar with basic concepts in databases (including relational databases, SQL, and relational algebra) and algorithms. This material is taught in the following courses: Introduction to Databases, and Data Structures and Algorithms.


References: There is no single textbook that covers the entire course. The course material is collected from the following books and papers:

Lecture Notes


The exam is oral and accounts for 100% of the grade.