Database Management and Tuning

Academic Year 2012/2013, 2nd semester
Lecturer: Johann Gamper
Lecture: TU 10:30–12:30, room F003 (start: March 5)
Lab: TU 16:00–17:00, room E431 (start: March 5)
Office hours: WE 14:00–15:00 or email arrangement, office POS 2.15

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Prerequisites: Introduction to Programming, Introduction to Databases, Database Management Systems, Data Structures and Algorithms

Lecture notes: The lecture notes for this course will be published as we progress through the semester. There is a set of lecture notes for each topic.

Readings: The first text book covers most topics of the course, the others are covered in the second book:

See also: Course Presentation Form

Lecture Notes

The lecture notes for this course will be published as we progress through the semester. There is a set of lecture notes for each topic.

1. TU 2013-03-05 General Introduction: Introduction, Tuning Principles, Course Organization [1up] [4up]
2. TU 2013-03-12 Query Tuning: Query Processing, Tuning Examples [1up] [4up]
3. TU 2013-03-19 Query Tuning: Minimizing DISTINCTs, Unnesting Queries; Index Tuning: Query Types [1up] [4up]
4. TU 2013-03-26 Index Tuning: Index Types [1up] [4up]
5. TU 2013-04-02 Index Tuning: Data Structures, Composite Indexes [1up] [4up]
6. TU 2013-04-09 Index Tuning: Indexes and Joins [1up] [4up]
7. TU 2013-04-16 Index Tuning: Tuning Examples; Concurrency Tuning: Introduction to Transactions [1up] [4up]
8. TU 2013-04-23 Concurrency Tuning: Lock Tuning [1up] [4up]
9. TU 2013-04-30 Concurrency Tuning: Weaken Isolation Guarantees [1up] [4up]
10. TU 2013-05-07 Concurrency Tuning: Transaction Chopping [1up] [4up]
11. TU 2013-05-14 Recovery Tuning: Log, WAL Buffer, Checkpoints [1up] [4up]
12. TU 2013-05-21 Tuning the Storage Subsystem [1up] [4up]


The exercise part of the course consists in the elaboration of assignments. The assignments must be handed in on the due date at the beginning of the lab. Late assignements will not be considered - no exception.

Assignment Due Date Max Grade Downloads Template

1. [PDF] 2013-03-19, 16:00
DBLP data [TEX]
2. [PDF] 2013-04-02, 16:00
3. [PDF] 2013-04-16, 16:00
4. [PDF] 2013-04-30, 16:00
DBLP data [TEX]
5. [PDF] 2013-05-14, 16:00
Java demo [TEX]
6. [PDF] 2013-05-28, 16:00

Instructions: Please follow these instructions for preparing and submitting the reports:


The assessment is either based on the assignments and the final oral exam or on the final oral exam only. The final oral exam follows the standard grading system, i.e., 30 is the highest grade and 18 is lowest passing grade. The grading points for the assignments (max 6 points) are added as a bonus to the oral grade to form the final grade. The grading points from the assignments are valid for all three regular exam sessions. There is no midterm.

final_grade = min(30cl, oral_grade + assignment_grade)