Database Management Systems (DMS)

Academic Year:2010/11, 2nd semester
Lecturer: Johann Gamper
Lectures:WE 10:30-12:30, Room C3.06 (with a few exceptions listed below)
Exercises: WE 14:00-15:00, Room C3.06 (with a few exceptions listed below)
Office hours:Gamper: WE 09:00-10:00 or email arrangement

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Objectives: Based on the concepts gained in the introductory database course, students will develop a deeper understanding of database technology. Advanced concepts and techniques of database management systems are introduced. Specifically, we will focus on data storage, data querying, and transaction management.

Prerequisites: Introduction to Databases, Introduction to Programming, and Data Structures and Algorithms




1. WE 23.02.11  General introduction: syllabus, administration and organisation, the DB field, short overview of RDMS pdf
2. WE 02.03.11 Storage and file structure: overview of physical storage media, disk block access, storage access and buffer manager, file organisation pdf
3. WE 09.03.11 Indexing and hashing: basic concepts, ordered indices, B+-tree index files, B-tree index files pdf
4. WE 16.03.11 Indexing and hashing: B+-tree index files, B+-tree file organization, B-tree index files
5. WE 30.03.11 Indexing and hashing: static hashing, dynamic hashing, comparison of ordered indexing and hashing, index deifnition in SQL, multiple-key access
6. WE 06.04.11 Query processing: overview, measures of query cost, selection operation, sorting pdf
7. WE 13.04.11 Query processing: join operation, other operations, evaluation of expressions
8. WE 20.04.11 Query optimization: overview, statistical information for cost estimation, transformation of relational expressions pdf
9. WE 27.04.11 Query optimization: rule-based and cost-based optimization, materialized views, optimizing nested subqueries
10. WE 04.05.11 Transactions: transaction concept and state, implementation of atomicity and durability, concurrent executions, serializability, testing for serializability, recoverability, implemenation of isolation pdf
11. WE 11.05.11 Concurrency control: lock-based protocols, graph-based protocols, timestamp-based protocols, deadlock handling pdf
12. WE 18.05.11 Recovery system: failure classification, recovery and atomicity, log-based recovery pdf


1. WE 02.03.11 Storage and file structures pdf
2. WE 09.03.11 Storage and file structures
3. WE 16.03.11 Indexing and hashing pdf
4. WE 30.03.11 Indexing and hashing
5. WE 06.04.11 Indexing and hashing
6. WE 13.04.11 Query processing pdf
7. WE 20.04.11 Query processing/optimization pdf
8. WE 27.04.11 Query optimization
9. WE 04.05.11 Transactions pdf
10. WE 11.05.11 Concurrency control pdf
11. WE 18.05.11 Concurrency control
12. WE 25.05.11 Old exams


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